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Special closed anti-oxidation coating for aluminum carbon high temperature anti-oxidation extended life

Special closed anti-oxidation coating for aluminum carbon high temperature anti-oxidation extended life


Aluminum-Carbon three-piece products for continuous casting (ie, integrated stopper, immersion nozzle, and long nozzle) have excellent slag resistance, thermal shock resistance, and high thermal conductivity. However, in use, carbon is easily oxidized, resulting in increased porosity on the surface of the material, loose structure, and severely affecting its service life. The outer surface of the product is usually coated with a layer of Zhisheng anti-oxidation coating. This coating can form a uniform layer of glaze during the baking process or before the use of the barbecue, and the air hole is closed to protect the product from oxidation.

The existing Zhisheng high-temperature anti-oxidation coating is generally made of Zhisheng Weihua special high-temperature bonding agent, because it not only can play the role of the binding agent, but also can reduce the melting point of the coating and seal the air hole to prevent oxygen from entering at a low temperature. However, one of the disadvantages of water glass is that it is prone to alkaloids, especially in summer humid weather, especially the phenomenon of pan-alkali; and water glass is often unstable, resulting in the coating often without liquid phase, Rolling glazes, dripping enamels, and other defects cause poor oxidation protection. In response to the above problems, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. developed a special anti-oxidation paint, using Zhisheng Weihua special high-temperature solution, namely ZS-1021 high temperature closed anti-oxidation coating, the paint coating is dense, bright, no Bubble phenomenon, the use of anti-oxidation effect is very good, it is already used in the production line promotion.

According to many years of research and development, a large number of on-site inspections, paint R & D personnel research and development of high temperature resistant oxidation coating, ZS-1021 high temperature resistant coating is mainly by high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, resistance Corrosive oxides, carbides, high temperature and oxidation resistance are the key components of the coating and the core of the technology. The binder of the coating is made of Zhisheng Weihua special high-temperature solution, which can be cured at room temperature and polymerize into a mesh at high temperature. The structure of the high-temperature adhesive composition, as long as the material is an inert oxide can promote the sintering effect, the selected oxide can form a glass phase at high temperatures, enhance the airtightness of the coating. ZS high-temperature sealing coating on the one hand can be cured at room temperature and stability, and high temperature bonding ability, and has a very high temperature compatibility, and on the other hand can penetrate with the bonding agent at high temperatures to form a certain strength of the overall structure to isolate Oxygen and its corrosive gas erosion, and can also have a certain penetration with the matrix graphite to enhance the adhesion and thermal shock resistance with the matrix.

Since it was put into use on the aluminum carbon production line and has been promoted, ZS high-temperature sealing coating series anti-oxidation coating has been used normally on each aluminum carbon product. None of the sprayed products showed oxidation during the baking and use of the steel plant, and the service life was significantly higher than that of previous products. The development of the new coating has improved the service life of the product, improved the instability of the product, and improved the performance of the product. Compared with the original coating, ZS high temperature sealing coating has the following advantages:

(1) The anti-oxidation effect of the product is improved, and the coating is adapted to the temperature range, so that the aluminum carbon product can effectively prevent oxidation within the range of 600 to 1700°C.

(2) The bonding strength between the same product body is high, and the glaze layer formed during use is uniform, dense, and bright, which greatly improves the product's anti-oxidation effect and use performance, and can effectively protect the product. No cracking, no blistering, no shedding.

(3) A new binder is used in the new coating to eradicate the phenomena such as pantothenicity and flooding that are easily affected by the weather in the original coating and improve the quality of the product.

(4) The coating itself has a “healing” function, preventing the presence of microcracks from providing a fast channel for oxygen diffusion and also expanding with the extension of the use time.

(5) The coating has a certain mechanical strength and waterproof properties.

(6) In the smelting and steelmaking process, the coating has no side effects on steel quality.

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